Terms and conditions of use

Article 1: Applicability

These general conditions of sale of Zelfbouw-Domotica (the seller) are applicable to our agreements, offers, orders with customers including contracts, quotes and orders are created via our website zelfbouw-domotica.be without our express written deviation .
By placing an order, our general conditions of sale are expressly accepted by the purchaser.
The fact that a specific agreement deviates from any provision of these terms and conditions preclude the application of other provisions not matter.
Our representatives or employees can not connect unless the confirmation of commitments entered into by us.
If the advance payment is provided for in the agreement, the offer or order confirmation, we are only bound after payment thereof.
We reserve the right to cancel any agreement already entered into by us by registered letter if it appears that our customer is not creditworthy.
The seller shall be entitled without further notice to change the terms without them personally notify the buyers and consequently the changed conditions will apply immediately be on sales, quotations and orders which are placed after the change without the buyer being able to claim any compensation.

Article 2: Contact Seller

Fabriekstraat 19
2490 Balen
Account number: BE03 7380 4252 1384
VAT: BE0507609413
Tel: 0471/401453

Article 3: Offers and acceptance of the order

Each quotation is non-binding and indicative so all entries on pricing, materials, dimensions, etc. stated on the website are indicative only and can not bind the seller.
A sales contract can therefore only be taken after written confirmation of the seller or at the start of execution of the agreement by the seller

Article 4: Delivery

Delivery is inextricably linked to the full payment of the agreed price. The delivered goods remain our property until they are paid in full
The delivery happened to the address entered by the buyer.
Deliveries can be made to addresses that are located in the UK and other EU countries (see shipping rates), with the exception of post office boxes.

Incorrectly listed addresses are the responsibility of the buyer and may incur additional charges.

We try to send the purchased items (if available) within 48 hours of receipt of the full amount of the order, this deadline is not binding. No delay may give rise to the termination of the sale or the payment of compensation to the buyer.

The average delivery of products not in stock, 5 days.
The delivery terms are indicative only. We can not be held liable in any way for the damage caused by not (timely) delivery.

FEMI BVBA has the right to split the order, if necessary, in one or more deliveries. The buyer will be informed always clear about

The packages are sent by Taxipost, if the package can not be delivered, TaxiPost leave a message after which states where you can pick up your package. You sign for receipt at the effective receipt of your package.
The goods are shipped at buyer's risk.

In case of non-delivery of the goods, the amount the buyer paid will be refunded without interest or other compensation.

Article 5: Force Majeure

Majeure closes at least the obligation to supply the seller out.
Force majeure can not be exhaustively understood war, strikes, late delivery by subcontractors lack of timely supply of raw materials, fire, floods or natural disasters which all deliver the goods makes it impossible in time.

Article 6. Prices

By the items are priced in euros, including VAT, Recupel, BEBAT and Reprobel, and shipping.
(See For further information about shipping rates, you can separate section on shipping)

The seller is not liable for the consequences of misprints or typing errors and / or programming or program errors in its website. Incorrect pricing information is not legally binding.

Offers are only valid while supplies last and for the specified duration.

For every € 50 spent , the customer will receive 1 loyalty point.

1 Loyalty Point has a value of € 0.1, if you order is processed you will receive a discount code worth the number of accumulated loyalty points.
This discount code is valid for 240 days, we can not make exceptions

Article 7. Payments

You can choose from the following payment options:

-Bankkaart: Bancontact / Mister Cash
-Kredietkaart: Visa / Mastercard

- Cash: If you pick up the order

The sale has just been definitively until the full price has been paid in the absence of receipt of the funds to the account of the seller, the sale will be considered non-existent and will not follow supply

When paying by bank transfer must be full payment within 7 days (from order confirmation) to the bank account of the seller, if the sale is considered to be non-existent.

Article 8. Return Policy.

The shipping and the shipping risk are at a return for its own account of the client.
For returns and / or exchanges under the following conditions:

You should FEMI BVBA after receipt of your order within 14 calendar days by mail of the return to inform. You will receive a return form that you filled in the article must send.

The article must be within 19 calendar days (5 days after the end of the withdrawal period) to be returned upon receipt. After this period, the sale can not be dissolved and shall be final.
The goods must be in original condition and to be returned in the original packaging.

Can not be returned (even if they are sent back in time)

Items whose packaging is not the original, incomplete items.
Items damaged by negligence, misuse or repaired by others or yourself.
Items returned remain in this state for FEMI BVBA available to the buyer that they have to pay.
Inadequate or stamped returns are not accepted by us, regardless of the reason for the return.

In return (dissolution sale of one or more articles) will return the amount to be received (excl. Shipping) within 30 days are transferred to you.

RETURN ADDRESS: Fabriekstraat 19, 2490 Balen

Article 9. Retention

The items remain the property of FEMI BVBA until full payment of the price, including
all costs and expenses, interest and fees.

Article 10. Renunciation

The consumer has the right to inform the seller that he renounces the purchase without penalty and without giving any reason, within fourteen (14) calendar days from the day following the delivery.

The buyer needs the products in original condition within 14 calendar days; unused, undamaged and deliver against receipt in the original packaging, to the seller. Which the seller held within 10 days after receipt of the product is to refund the amount paid by the purchaser on a pass to the buyer's bank account

The risk of the return of the product from the buyer to the seller shall be borne solely by the purchaser.
When can not correct return in accordance with the above, the seller is not obliged to pay any amount remains the product property of the buyer which the then within 14 days of pick up at the seller or at the express request of the buyer's also cost the seller can be returned to the buyer against the seller in advance of price which is at least the same price as the first delivery of the product to the buyer.

Article 11. Complaints

Any protest concerning a non-conforming delivery is only valid if it occurs within 8 days of delivery by registered mail. A complaint regarding a hidden defect must also be sent by registered mail within 8 days of its discovery be reported to the seller.

You can send complaints to: FEMI BVBA, Fabriekstraat 19 to 2490 Balen

Article 12. Guarantee

The seller should be required to give a guarantee which complies with the guarantee which is given by the manufacturer regarding the product. The seller can only be held liable for damage directly caused by the product sold by him where to direct this damage is due to willful misconduct of the seller and can compensate then the seller damage to the buyer never be greater than the vendor invoiced amount.
If the buyer is going to make changes or modifications to the product has any warranty automatically excluded by the seller and the seller can not be held liable for any damage which may be the cause.

Article 13.Evidence

All parties accept within the context of their relationships electronic evidence (eg e-mail, ...)

Article 14. Nullity

If any article of these terms and conditions be declared invalid, such invalidity shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.

Article 15. Personal Information

The purchaser expressly when placing an order on the seller's permission to process their personal data. The seller agrees to respect this personal data for internal use only to use which may at any time be verified by the buyer and that the buyer also the seller can ask to make no further use of personal data which include details of the seller will no longer be transferred to the buyer. The buyer must contact before until FEMI BVBA, Fabriekstraat 19, B-2490 Balen, info@zelfbouw-domotica.be.

Article 16. Applicable law

All litigation to which this agreement would give rise, the Belgian law shall apply and only the courts of the judicial district where the seat of the seller established jurisdiction.